Earn sponsorship money for your game !
You made a great flash game that has not been published anywhere yet. We might be interested to sponsor your game and let you earn good money for your hard work.
Our game sponsorship deal is quite simple :
  • The game must not have previously been published anywhere else on the internet.
  • You must own full exclusive rights to the game.
  • Anytime the game appears somewhere on the internet, it should include the playnow3Dgames.com intro screen and links inside the game.
  • Of course, you keep all copyrights and credits to your game.
  • You may leave links to your website inside the game as the author.
  • The game will be featured on playnow3Dgames.com and we will have the right to distribute the game to other game portals or let peole download the game.
  • You may submit your game to newgrounds, flashplayer or any other website you want, as long as the game includes our intro screen and links.
Interested ? Contact us now at sponsorship[@]playnow3dgames.com and send us everything necessary to evaluate your game.
Examples of sponsored games
Night Exorcist
Kill the creatures of the night
Zombie Slayer
Kill loads of zombies with various weapons and try to stay alive!
Cannibal Control
Feed the cannibal or become his meal